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Here’s Why You Should Try Flyboarding in Dubai

Ever gone to the beach and seen people flying out of the water into the sky? Yep, that’s just Dubai’s awesome flyboarding pros showing off their skills. Although it may look super complicated, flyboarding isn’t as hard as it seems. With just a little bit of balance and controlling the movement of your feet, you’ll be able to stay up in the air and maybe even try a few tricks (ours was falling down backwards..). And even if you can’t get the hang of it, it’s still one of the craziest water sports in Dubai to tick off your bucket lists and definitely worth a try! Here are 3 places where you can try out flyboarding in Dubai…

1. Nemo Water Sports Dubai

Via Nemo Watersports

Fancy flying next to the Burj Al Arab? The flyboarding sessions at Nemo Watersports is taught by a certified instructor, who will guide you through the whole process by using a headset integrated in to your helmet. So listen carefully and try not to freak out when the water jets push you up in to the air!

Prices: AED 320 for 30 mins; AED 600 for 30 min jet ski & 30 min flyboarding
Where: Nemo Watersports, Umm Suqueim Fishing Harbour. More info at

2. SeaRide Dubai

Via SeaRide Dubai

If you want to learn how to dive like a dolphin and fly like a bird, try out a flyboarding session with Searide Dubai! Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve tried flyboarding in Dubai before, the instructors will show you exactly how to dive, turn and move on a flyboard. All you need is balance and confidence.

Prices: AED 315  for 20 mins
Searide Dubai, Jumeirah Fishing Harbour

3. Hydro Water Sports Dubai

Via Instagram | @hydrowatersportsdubai

Hydro Water Sports lets you channel your inner superhero and fly over the famous JBR beach. The professional instructors will give you a run down of all the basics, including taking off and signal, and once you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to learn some cool tricks like spinning and diving.

Prices: AED 450 for 30 mins
Where: Hydro Water Sports, JBR. More info at

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