Smash Room Dubai is Giving You a New Way to Relieve Stress!

There is something so incredibly satisfying about smashing the sh*t out of things while ‘Highway to Hell’ is blaring out from the speakers behind you. Let’s face it, city life can be stressful. From rush-hour traffic to an awful day at work – even a bitter break-up – it can be hard to shake those negative feelings, and that’s exactly why Smash Room Dubai opened its doors in Al Quoz.

But it’s not all about fired-up frustrations; it’s also about having a lot of fun. We embraced our inner rockstar, dropped into the Smash Room warehouse, tore the place up and walked away… without having to clean up the mess. How often do you get to trash and smash a room to smithereens… legally?!

What is Smash Room?

Smash Room is exactly what its name would suggest. It houses a number of confined rooms in which you can break, throw, stomp and smash things to unleash any pent-up frustrations, tension or anger. It’s a feel-good release… in many ways, a kind of therapy that we could do with from time-to-time.

The warehouse in Al Quoz is raw to the core. Expect cement floors, stone walls sprayed with graffiti and neon lights that set the scene for some destructive mayhem. Think carefully about your choice of weapon… but not too carefully because you can pop out of the room and swap it at any time! You can choose between axes, sledge hammers, crowbars, spades, giant spanners, baseball bats and more.

Smash your stress away

The concept of Smash Room is simple. You turn up, put on the Smash Room gear, pick your weapon… and break things. We would be lying if we said that it wasn’t super satisfying (and a little addictive) to see and hear glass shattering as it was launched at the wall. Among all the destruction, we came across some old printers; have you ever seen a colour cartridge explode when thrown against a wall? Another win for the wall – and for our stress levels!

Okay, so there are a few rules before they let you loose in your smash room… and by ‘few’, we mean ‘about three’. Before you begin smashing things, you have to put on a Breaking Bad-style jumpsuit and a protective face shield. If you’re going as a couple or a group, the other people cannot be stood in front of you when you’re throwing things. You may think this is common sense, but who knows what frustrations have been bubbling under the surface. So, just don’t do it. Oh, and keep your face shield on at all times! It’s real glass, real electronics and real weapons!

If nothing else, this is an arm workout and an endorphin release that’ll leave you feeling hot, sweaty and smile-fully happy at the end of your session.

Smash Room prices

We’re not afraid to admit that when we asked about Smash Room prices, we blushed a little at the response. “Do you just want a Quickie or do you want something that’ll last a little longer, like The 3 Sum?” – That’s certainly not the kind of question we’re used to answering when we’re scoping out the city. With the edgy warehouse vibes comes the playful price list that lets you choose exactly what you want to smash… Here’s your options:

The Quickie: you get 18 glass items (but no electronics) for AED 99 per person

Smash & Dash: this option gives you 15 glass items and one electronic per person for AED 149

The Big Bang: prepare to smash 20 glass items and two electronics for AED 249 per person

Two to Tango: for two people, you’ll get 30 glass items plus 2 electronics for AED 299

The 3 Sum: AED 499 gets you 45 glass items and 3 electronics for 3 people

If you want to have a go, you can make your booking on the Smash Room website. You can also flick to the website for the contact details if you would like to ask questions or donate anything!

Answers to our Smash Room questions

We’re curious souls, and we know you are too! So, here’s a few questions that we thought you might like answers to:

How did the idea of Smash Room even come about?

Once Upon a time… as the (website) story goes, the Founder – Hiba Balfaqih was going through tough times, and the more tranquil coping mechanisms just didn’t cut it. Sometimes, you’ve got to let it all out… scream, shout and smash things up! So, she teamed up with her bestie, Ibrahim Abudyak and brought Smash Room to life – in the hope that others could experience the same relief in a safe and controlled environment.

Where do they get all the things to smash and what happens after the smashing?

We’re not keen on destroying things for destruction’s sake. We asked the manager present at Smash Room about how they source everything that’ll be smashed. The Smash Room purchases equipment that can no longer be fixed from repair shops and stores. After it’s been smashed up, the items are recycled. Glad to hear that the Smash Room has this policy in place!

Do people ever go to Smash Room alone??

Apparently, the Smash Room receives a lot of ‘Solo Smashers’. We were told that many of these individuals come back frequently on their own. They sometimes have people who come in and don’t talk or even smile, but on their way out, they are like completely different people entirely – chatting, smiling and feeling much better about themselves.

Do men visit Smash Room more than women?!

It’s a common misconception that men would be a lot more in need of this physical outlet of emotion and stress. However, the manager present at Smash Room informed us that they get a lot more women coming to Smash Room than men; in fact, she labelled it as more of an 80% female to 20% male split. Interesting!

Workout classes, new adventures, quick island getaways… they all have their own stress-relieving benefits. Check out insydo for even more city inspo!