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#WIN a Pair of Stylish Screen Glasses From Ambr Eyewear

Long hours in front of a computer screen, late nights scrolling through social media and 10-hour Netflix binges… Sound familiar?! Let’s face it: we spend most of our time glued to a screen, but have we ever stopped to think about the negative health effects that come with it?

Dublin-founded brand, Ambr Eyewear, offers a stylish and practical fix for an everyday problem that we can all relate to. Their clear-lensed glasses filter out blue light, eliminating common side effects such as headaches and digital eye strain.

Stylish frames for work or leisure

Whether you’re glued to your screen for work or leisure, these glasses will add comfort while styling up your look at the same time. The collection of Ambr Eyewear glasses come in an extensive range of colours, shapes and styles – all of which are unisex.

Want to (virtually) try before you buy? Check out their Virtual Mirror feature on the website which uses augmented reality to give you an idea of how the glasses will look.

Blocks and filters out blue light

Okay, so what the heck is blue light? It’s a colour in the light spectrum that can be detected by our eyes and is specifically present in bright screens. Too much exposure to blue light can negatively impact the retina, resulting in eye strain, headaches, tiredness and insomnia.

How does Ambr Eyewear help? The glasses are made with a blue light filtering pigment which blocks over 55% of blue light; over time, this can help to tackle some – if not all – of these common symptoms.

Prescription vs. non-prescription

Prescription or non-prescription… that is the question! Ambr Eyewear caters for anyone and everyone, with both options available. The non-prescription computer glasses are well suited for people who have never worn glasses before, while the prescription screen lenses can easily be matched with your preferred frame.

Protects against UV rays

The best part? You won’t need to constantly switch between your screen glasses and sunglasses as Ambr Eyewear also protects against UV rays! The lenses block around 90% of ultra-violet rays from the sun, making them a great two-in-one companion for everyday use.

#WIN a pair of Ambr Eyewear glasses

Need these stylish frames in your life? We’re giving three lucky winners a chance to each win a pair of non-prescription screen glasses. Here’s what you need to do:

For more info about Ambr Eyewear and the different glasses available, flick to the website here.