There’s a ‘Parent and Child Wellbeing Conference’ Coming to Dubai this March

Calling all parents: Mediaquest is set to host its second edition of the Parent and Child Wellbeing Conference in Dubai next month! This regional conference was originally formed to connect parents with local experts who specialise in modern-day parenting, child development and family wellness.

After the success of its first edition last year, the one-day conference will be bringing back its parenting expertise to Kings’ School this March. Themed around ‘Body and Mind’, this year’s conference will focus on two main topic areas: nutrition and behaviour. From family activities and exhibitions to expert panel discussions and workshops, here’s why parents won’t want to miss this…

Why is this conference important?

From diabetes and autism to high obesity rates and infant mortality, there are many challenges parents face when it comes to child development. These issues are especially common in the Arab world, which is why the Parent and Child Wellbeing Conference is beneficial for parents living in this region.

Did you know…

  • …there are over 200,000 autistic children in KSA?
  • …there are over 17,000 autistic children in Bahrain?
  • …more than 13,000 women die each year from pregnancy and childbirth complications in the MENA region?

What topics will be covered at the conference?

At this year’s Parent and Child Wellbeing Conference, there will be a number of trending topics being discussed by over 15 panel experts. Key topic areas include:

  • Practical parenting
  • How to read food labelling
  • Conditions related to your child’s immune system
  • Alternative learning and methods

But that’s not all… You can even expect to find 20 local businesses exhibiting throughout the day, as well.

Need-to-know details:

  • When: Saturday 23rd of March 2019
  • Where: Kings’ School, Al Barsha
  • Timings: From 10am to 6pm

Here’s a sneak peek at what went down during last year’s Parent and Child Wellbeing Conference…

Meet the ‘Wellness Community’

Taking things one step further, the creators behind the conference are also launching a ‘Wellness Community’ initiative which brings together like-minded organisations, associations and distributors. The aim of this community is to promote healthy living alongside businesses that positively support parents and kids in areas such as health, wellness and education.

For more information about this year’s #PCWC19 conference, you can check out the links below:

Happy parenting!