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A ‘Floating’ Sculpture Just Popped Up Outside the Dubai Mall

A stunning new art installation is now on display at The Dubai Mall waterfront promenade that you’re going to want to snap. Here are the details…

‘Floating’ art sculpture arrives at The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall has unveiled artist Janet Echelman’s immense woven sculpture titled ‘1.78’, above a section of the Dubai Fountain. You can view an awesome 360-degree time-lapse of the installation below…

The massive art installation is comprised of layers of bright polyethylene threads tied in over 600,000 knots over 124 kilometres of string. At night, the sculpture comes to life with projected coloured lights.

Designed as an exploration of cyclical time, ‘1.78’ refers to the number of microseconds that, according to NASA, the day was shortened when a single physical event shifted the earth’s mass, thus speeding up the planet’s daily rotation. The piece is Echelman’s latest in her Earth Time Series.

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