5 City Breaks that are Perfect for a Long Weekend Getaway

Looking to jet off to another city this long weekend? In celebration of Islamic New Year 2018, we’ve got a 3-day long weekend ahead of us. With 72 hours to spare, there’s plenty of time to jump on a short flight, explore another city, and get back home by Saturday night. Check out these 5 city breaks that are perfect travel destinations for a long weekend…

1. Istanbul, Turkey

Also known as: The City of Seven Hills

Istanbul is a must-visit for travel buffs. It’s the only city in the world that is spread over two continents – Europe and Asia, and is rich in culture and historical influences.

insydo tip: Fusing together Islamic and Christian influences, the Hagia Sophia is a must-visit architectural wonder!

2. Athens, Greece

Also known as: The Ancient City

Athens, the capital of Greece, has a long and fascinating history behind it. The city is filled with ancient monuments and archaeological sites – some even dating back to the 5th century!

insydo tip: Hike Mount Lycabettus for a fantastic dinner with views

3. Baku, Azerbaijan

Also known as: The City of Winds

From exploring the modern architecture to riding on a funicular, Baku is definitely worth a visit. The largest city in Azerbaijan, and on the Caspian Sea, this city is home to the famous Flame towers, a historic ‘old city’ that’s now a UNESCO site and so much more.

insydo tip: Check out Nizami Street in Downtown for your shopping spree

4. Beirut, Lebanon

Also known as: The Eternal City

This city has everything a travel junkie could hope for – friendly people, delicious food, art, street culture, history, nature, incredible sunsets and an insane party scene. Make sure to hop on a boat to explore the Rouche Rocks while you’re there.

insydo tip: Beirut’s parties are legendary. Check out BO18 for an unforgettable experience

5. Tbilisi, Georgia

Also known as: The City that Loves You

Tbilisi is a stunning city, and is definitely one of Europe’s hidden gems. With a vibrant art and culture scene, great food, trendy bars and its old town charm, this city should be on everyone’s travel bucket list!

insydo tip: ‘Old Town’ is a must-visit for all travellers, as well as Tbilisi’s famous underground sulphur baths!

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