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7 of the World’s Most Unique Airbnbs

These are definitely not your average Airbnbs. From windmills to fairytale castles, some of the world’s most unique Airbnb rentals offer guests more than just a bed space — these stays become part of the travel experience itself. Here are 7 unusual Airbnbs that you can book for your next trip…

1. A dome room in Peru

What you’ll get: Located in the Sacred Valley of Cusco surrounded by mountains, these dome-style dwellings definitely give off a pre-historic Flintstones vibe. If you’re a keen nature enthusiast, you’ll have picturesque hiking trails right on your doorstep.

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2. A plane in France

What you’ll get: Have trouble sleeping on flights? Bump yourself up to first-class with a stay inside this plane, which sleeps 4 and comes equipped with cooking facilities and, thankfully, a functioning shower.

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3. A windmill in Amsterdam

What you’ll get: Your idea of a quaint getaway to the country comes to life at this real windmill-turned-guesthouse outside of Amsterdam. The windmill is actually functional and the living space inside is as cozy as you might imagine.

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4. A castle in Ireland

What you’ll get: Want to be king for a day? It’s not often that you have a chance to rent out an entire castle, but this epic Airbnb listing lets you do just that. Cahercastle in the Irish countryside dates back to the 14th century and provides guests with an experience fit for royalty.

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5. A cave in Turkey

What you’ll get: The otherworldly landscape of Cappadocia features natural rock formations and cave networks with entire villages carved into the rock faces. If staying inside an ancient cave sounds appealing – albeit with the comforts of modern life – the experience at Koza Cave is remarkably unique.

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6. A seashell house in Mexico

What you’ll get: A stay at Casa Caracol, or the Seashell House, is like a mermaid fantasy come to life. This dreamy island escape is located off the coast of Cancún in Mexico, and features a treasure trove of unique art and design.

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7. An eco dome in Bali

What you’ll get: Situated in the peaceful rice fields of Bali, this unique eco dome is great for sustainable travelers. Made from bamboo and other natural materials, this green hideaway is the perfect place to connect with nature.

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