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5 of the Best Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

Want to make your next adventure abroad a bit easier? Here are some of the best travel apps that help you manage everything from language to getting around with offline maps.

1. Duolingo

What it’s good for: For newbies trying to grasp the fundamentals of a language, Duolingo is a great crash course into learning the basics. With courses in 30 distinct languages, it game-like interface makes completing levels fun. Best of all? It’s completely free.

2. TripIt

What it’s good for: Tripit helps you manage all your travel plans into an itinerary so that everything is easily accessible in one place. Link your account with the email where you receive your travel confirmations and they’ll be added to your Tripit itinerary. From gate announcements to check-in reminders and hotel details, it’s a convenient way to organize your plans.

3. Pocket Earth

What it’s good for: Pocket Earth offers offline navigation, downloadable maps and travel guides — all easily accessed without data charges or roaming costs. The app syncs with websites like Wikipedia to integrate countless points of interest into the maps themselves, and take up a lot less space on your phone than comparable map apps.

4. LoungeBuddy

What it’s good for: If you’re looking for ways to access airport lounges around the world, LoungeBuddy offers up all the details you need in order to book yourself a day pass. With a database of over 2,000 lounges at over 800 airports across the globe, it provides you with details like specific airport lounge locations, cost, and featured amenities.

5. WiFi Finder

What it’s good for: For all the times when you’re desperate to connect to a free WiFi connection, there’s WiFi Finder.

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