WATCH: Dubai Just Broke Another Guinness World Record

Dubai is no stranger to Guinness World Record attempts – from the world’s tallest hotel to larger-than-life fireworks displays. Now the emirate can add one more accolade to its record-breaking achievements… check it out!

A new Guinness World Record for Dubai

Dubai’s latest Guinness World Record title for the ‘largest aerial projection screen’ was hard to miss for anyone on the ground. The record was set by wasl Asset Management Group, which took to the skies in celebration of the ‘Year of Zayed 2018’.

dubai-guinness-world-record Cropped-min.jpg-year-min
Credit: wasl Asset Management Group

The event featured a giant 300-foot aerial screen soar across Dubai’s skyline while being towed by a Bell 212 helicopter towed the screen, as a second helicopter projected video onto the screen.

Using a combination of augmented reality tracking and live projection mapping, the screen could be viewed from up to three kilometers away. On the ground, huge display screens were set up so that the audiences could watch the 90-minute journey live on the air as it soared across the skies.

The Dubai aerial screen beat the previous record set in New York City.

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