6 Dubai Landmarks — and the Inspirations Behind Them

Dubai architecture is full of iconic gems… and their design inspirations come from many different places. In honor of our favorite Dubai landmarks, here’s a fun slider tool that may give you a different perspective on things. Start sliding below!

1. Burj Al Arab

(Credit: Dubai International Marine Club | Burj Al Arab)

Drag arrow right… to see a dhow boat

Drag arrow left… to see the Burj Al Arab hotel

2. Dubai Frame

Drag arrow right… to see a simple picture frame

Drag arrow left… to see the supersized Dubai Frame

3. Palm Jumeirah

Drag arrow right… to see palm trees

Drag arrow left… to see Palm Jumeirah island

4. Burj Khalifa

Drag arrow right… to see a hymenocallis desert flower

Drag arrow left… to see the Burj Khalifa

Fun fact: The triple-lobed footprint design of Burj Khalifa is an abstraction of the hymenocallis desert flower. When viewed from the base or the air, Burj Khalifa is evocative of the onion domes prevalent in Islamic architecture.

5. Jumeirah Beach hotel

(Credit: Ray Collins | Jumeirah Beach Hotel)

Drag arrow right… to see an ocean wave

Drag arrow left… to see Jumeirah Beach Hotel

6. Raffles Dubai

Drag arrow right… to see the Great Pyramid of Giza

Drag arrow left… to see Raffles Dubai hotel

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