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5 of the Weirdest Beauty Trends To Look Out For

We’ve all scrolled past weird and wacky beauty videos on Instagram, only to scroll back up and do a “WTF” double take. Corkscrew nails, feather brows and tinsel eyelashes (along with a couple of more daring looks that are NSFW) – we’ve recently come across some quirky beauty trends that we just had to share. Know anyone daring enough in Dubai who can pull off these looks?

1. Halo Brows

Halo Brows - weird beauty trends 2017
Via Instagram | @hannahdoesmakeupp

Fishtail brows, feather brows, coat hanger brows… have there been any brow trends that were, umm, normal?! The Halo Brow trend by Instagrammer @hannahdoesmakeupp is an “angelic” look for the beauty world’s more daring makeup addicts.

2. Corkscrew Nails

Forget normal acrylic extensions; it’s all about Corkscrew Nails! This OTT nail art is a definite head turner, intricately created using acrylic, a straw, and then glammed up with rhinestones. We can’t even begin to imagine how uncomfortable it would be to type on a keyboard or use a phone… But hey, at least we’ll be able to open bottles easily!

3. Tinsel Eyelashes

Tinsel eyelashes - weird beauty trends 2017

Christmas has come early ladies, and it’s in the form of Tinsel Eyelashes! When looking back at the quirkiest festive beauty trends, this sparkly and OMG-lamorous lash effect was one that stood out. All you need is some lash glue and leftover Christmas tinsel, and you’ve got yourself an eye-catching look!

4. Feather Brows

Feather brows - weird beauty trends 2017
Via Marie Claire

Move over unibrow, there’s a new brow trend on the block and it’s as light as a feather! 2017 welcomed many brow trends, but one that got the world’s beauty-loving crowd talking was Feather Brows. We mean, come on, do your brows really need a centre parting?

5. Hairy Nails

Hairy nails - weird beauty trends 2017
Via Instagram | @justintoscooters

If you thought getting a self-portrait on your nails was bad enough, wait until you see what this craze is all about. Taking things a tad step too far, the Hairy Nails trend is a weird and creepy combo of what not to do when you go to the salon. There’s a reason mani-pedis and blow-drys should be kept separate…

Have you seen any of these around Dubai? Share your photos!

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