10 of the Best Shows on Netflix Right Now

Looking for the best shows on Netflix right now? If your weekend plans consist purely of binge-watching new shows on Netflix (no judgement!), here are 10 series people are loving this month…

1. Bodyguard

Synopsis: After helping thwart a terrorist attack, a war veteran is assigned to protect a politician who was a main proponent of the very conflict he fought in.

2. The Haunting of House Hill

Synopsis: Flashing between past and present, a fractured family confronts haunting memories of their old home and the terrifying events that drove them from it.

3. Making a Murderer 2

Synopsis: The highly anticipated return of Making a Murderer Part 2 follows the legal teams of Steven Avery and Brendon Dassey, both serving life sentences for the murder of Teresa Halbach, as they navigate the American judicial system in a quest to overturn the convictions.

4. Peaky Blinders

SynopsisPeaky Blinders is an epic gangster drama set in the lawless streets of post-war Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920s.

5. Atypical

Synopsis: Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum, decides it’s time to find a girlfriend, a journey that sets Sam’s mom on her own life-changing path as her son seeks more independence.

6. Marvel’s Daredevil

Synopsis: Blinded as a young boy, Matt Murdock fights injustice by day as a lawyer and by night as the Super Hero Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

7. The Blacklist

Synopsis: After turning himself in, a brilliant fugitive offers to help the FBI bag other baddies, but only if rookie profiler Elizabeth Keen is his partner.

8. Dear White People

Synopsis: At a predominantly white Ivy League college, a diverse group of students navigate various forms of racial and other types of discrimination.

9. Mindhunter

Synopsis: Set in the late 1970s, two FBI agents are tasked with interviewing serial killers to solve open cases.

10. Dynasty

Synopsis: The Carringtons and the Colbys feud for control over their fortune – and their children – in this updated reboot of the classic prime-time soap.

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