5 Seriously Cool Cinema Experiences in Dubai

Lucky for us, we get to enjoy some pretty extraordinary cinemas in Dubai—from licensed theaters serving up cocktails to luxe VIP seating and 270-degree screens. Looking for that next-level experience for your next movie night? Here are 5 unique Dubai cinemas to check out…

1. IMAX with Laser at VOX Cinemas

Credit: VOX Cinemas

What you’ll find: If you’re a movie buff in search of killer video/audio quality, IMAX with Laser at Mall of Emirates is where you want to be. Featuring stellar image detail and a bombastic sound system, the screen comes in at 36.6 meters (bigger than your average IMAX screen) and really packs a cinematic punch. If you’ve got an appetite, there’s also a tasty food menu at your disposal.
Cost: Standard 2D IMAX tickets cost AED 52.50 | VIP 2D IMAX tickets AED 78.50 | Balcony 2D IMAX tickets cost AED 105
Location: Only in Mall of the Emirates