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7 of the Most Downloaded Mindfulness Apps For 2020

Whether it’s long working hours or non-stop social events, finding the time to unwind seems to be a rarity these days. Many of us often get caught up with fast-paced city life and neglect what’s really important: you.

Mindfulness apps have become super popular over the years, helping users unwind, de-stress, get better sleep and simply live a more balanced lifestyle. Need this in your life? Here are seven of the most downloaded mindfulness apps for 2020…

1. Headspace

Branding itself as being a “gym membership for the mind”, Headspace offers 350 hours of guided meditation lessons at the click of a button. These lessons consist of spoken-word exercises that last around 10 minutes a day, which help with a number of different factors such as attention span, alertness and stress.

2. Aura

Aura helps users de-stress and relieve anxiety through the use of daily, three-minute meditation sessions. This mindfulness app offers an interactive experience that also lets you listen to relaxing sounds of nature, track moods and keep a gratitude journal.

3. Breethe

Need a Breethe-r? Breethe is a free app that offers five-minute meditations and mindfulness tips throughout the day. It follows users from morning to night and provides continuous support and guidance to help you get through each day.

4. Calm

Perfect for meditation, mindfulness and all-round positive vibes, Calm offers soothing sounds and short meditations to help you relax. These include sounds such as falling rain, a crackling fireplace, crickets and “celestial white noise”.

5. Mindfulness Daily

Mindfulness Daily is an effective app that offers guided sessions to help with stress, anxiety and sleep struggles. It only takes a few minutes of your time each day making it perfect for those people who are on the go.

6. Simply Being

Simply Being offers an array of voice-guided meditations and relaxing nature sounds to help you unwind throughout the day. Meditation sessions last from 5 to 30 minutes – the duration is entirely up to you!

7. The Mindfulness App

Started by two yoga and mindfulness professionals, The Mindfulness App features an extensive selection of meditation tracks with and without voice guidance. You’re even able to personalise each track depending on your mood!