This Smart Cart Will Be Taking Over the City for 2 Days Only!

From drone deliveries to driverless taxis in the making, Dubai is already ahead of the game when it comes to breaking futuristic boundaries. With popular tech trends such as cashless living and AI changing city life, there really is soooo much to get excited about! But, what if we told you that you can get a glimpse of our future way of life in Dubai this week?

Mirroring some of this year’s key tech trends, Pepsi is set to bring a refreshing taste of the future to STEP 2018 with its brand new activation, the ‘Pepsi Smart Cart‘. After the success of last year’s Pepsi Smart Supermarket, you can expect an even bigger and better surprise in store during this week’s STEP Conference!

Powered by an Intelligence Centre (this is where you can kick back and where the cart will automatically restock) and human analytics, the Pepsi Smart Cart will roam around Internet City with one main goal… to ensure nobody goes thirsty or hungry!

Let the drinks and snacks come to you!

Watch out for the Pepsi Smart Cart giving out drinks and snacks at this year’s STEP Conference! Here’s how it works:

On-demand: the Pepsi Smart Cart will be roaming the crowds at STEP 2018 to ensure everyone has access to Pepsi products at all times (this includes drinks and Lay’s chips).

Pepsi Intelligence Centre: this impressive centre will analyse real-time data from the conference to determine where the biggest crowds are. This will then send the Pepsi truck to the busiest locations, ensuring everyone has a drink when they most need it.

Cashless Chat Bot: you’ll be able to get your hands on all Pepsi products via an automated, cashless Chat Bot.

Smart Product Inventory: to ensure the Smart Cart is fully stocked at all times, the Pepsi Intelligence Centre will automatically notify the Pepsi truck when it starts to get low.

Order via the Facebook Bot: you’ll also be able to order Pepsi drinks and snacks through the Facebook Messenger bot.

Where to find the Pepsi Smart Cart

The Pepsi Smart Cart will be roaming around Dubai Internet City this week for two days only. Given that it operates on real-time data and heat maps, you’ll often find this truck giving out drinks and snacks to larger crowds.

When: 28th until 29th March, 2018

Where: STEP Conference in Dubai Internet City

For more information about this year’s STEP Conference and all the awesome activations taking place, check this out:

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