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7 Travel Items That No Traveler Should Be Without

Whether you want to travel smarter, safer or with a little more comfort, these travel accessories are a must-have for your next trip. From more practical items to a travel pillow that’ll help you asleep just about anymore, check out a few of our favorite things that no traveler should be without…

1. Mini travel steam iron

Why it’s great: This pint-sized steam iron is small enough to fit comfortably in your luggage, but powerful enough to get your ironing needs done on the go.
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2. Door alarm

Why it’s great: A great gadget for solo travelers, this door alarm offers some peace of mind when you find yourself at a hotel in a new city. Easy to set-up, the alarm emits an attention-grabbing sound when triggered.
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3. Pocket blanket

Why it’s great: One of our favorite things to pack for a holiday, this ultra compact blanket literally fits in your pocket. Great for festivals or impromptu picnics in the park, you’ll find a million different uses for it.
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4. Solar backpack

Why it’s great: Swap your portable charger for this kickass solar backpack that charges via solar cells while you’re walking in the sunshine.
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5. TRLT travel pillow

Why it’s great: The best-selling TRLT travel pillow is a dream for anyone who has trouble sleeping upright. It features a flexible frame covered in soft fleece that supports your head, neck and jaw… and it’s super comfortable.
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6. In-your-face luggage cover

Why it’s great: Imagine seeing your face rolling through the baggage carousel at arrivals. These customized head case covers are made of polyester spandex and stretch over your bag. At the very least, you’ll never worry about taking the wrong luggage home.
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7. Portable washing bag

Why it’s great: Portable washing machines are a life-saver for backpackers traveling with limited clothes, or anyone in desperate need of a way to clean their laundry on the go. Lightweight, pint-sized and requiring minimal water, these bad boys can literally be used anywhere.
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