A Rundown of the Most Popular Memes of 2018

All the best memes that took over the Internet in 2018 — from ‘Gym Kardashian’ to ‘Thank u, next’ — gave us plenty of laughs. Here’s a quick rundown of the year’s most popular memes… enjoy!

1. Baby Cardi B… “My Momma Said”


2. Gym Kardashian

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3. Let’s get this bread

4. A star is born…

5. Thank u, next…

Via Twitter | @nicolewboyce

6. “If you don’t love me at my ___”

7. Is this your king?

8. Jay-Z riding a jet ski

9. God’s Plan

10. “Don’t say it”

11. Tired Spongebob

12. Surprised Pikachu

Perfect For Things You Couldn’t Possibly Have Seen Coming

13. Moth Lamp

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That lamp lookin thicc ???

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14. The ‘Squat And Squint Woman’

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