Hatta Dubai is Getting a Hollywood-Style Sign and Mountain Lodge

It was probably only a matter of time before Dubai got its own version of the famed Hollywood sign — and apparently Hatta is the perfect place for it. Hatta Dubai is set to undergo a major transformation with all eyes on attracting eco-tourists to experience the stunning landscape here. We’ve got more details below

New tourist spots are coming to Hatta Dubai

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From glamping overnight adventures to a new H A T T A sign on the Hajjar Mountains, Hatta Dubai as you know it is gearing up for some exciting upgrades aimed at visitors wanting to explore the landscape.

The project’s first phase features a Hollywood-style sign to be placed around 450 meters up that will greet visitors to the area, along with a 20-room mountain lodge and a trailers hotel concept set on the banks of the Hatta dam. There’s also an adventure centre and interactive tourism information hub in the works.


The project is being developed by Meraas – the team behind City Walk, La Mer and The Beach – with the second phase featuring more hospitality and retail developments that have been designed using sustainable materials.

Hatta Dubai has plans on attracting more visitors to experience historical, social and cultural heritage sites, as well as indulge in shopping for handicrafts and agriculture products, along with authentic Emirati cuisine. If you’re all about weekend road trips in UAE, you’ll want to make plans when the first phase opens in the fourth quarter of this year!

Images: Supplied

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