The ‘Bird Box Challenge’ is the First Viral Craze of 2019

The year is kicking off to quite a weird start as the so-called ‘Bird Box challenge‘ sweeps the Internet. It’s inspired by the post-apocalyptic Netflix thriller about a family that goes on dangerous journey completely blindfolded. Unsurprisingly, the viral craze has many people recording themselves doing everyday tasks while also blindfolded… and you can see where this is going. Here are the details:

The ‘Bird Box challenge’ is here and please don’t try this at home

If you’re not one of the millions of Netflix viewers who watched Bird Box, here’s the film in a nutshell (no spoilers): there’s a mysterious force literally making people suicidal – if you see it, you die. In search of sanctuary, Sandra Bullock and her kids must take a journey while completely blindfolded to avoid the evil chasing them.

Bird Box has generated endless memes for obvious reasons

Here’s what the #BirdBoxChallenge has churned out…

People are recreating the film’s premise by blindfolding themselves and posting the hilarious, insane (and insanely stupid) videos online.

Even Netflix is begging people to stop with the Bird Box challenge

Welcome to 2019, folks… it’s going to be an interesting year!

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