Meet Dubai's Street Magician and Watch Him in Action

Some companies bring coffee and donuts to the office; we prefer to bring a magician. It’s not too often that you’ll come across a talented magician in Dubai, so we invited Normando to come and play a few magic tricks on our team. From the deck of cards bursting into flames to spitting out unbelievable tricks, the close-up magician certainly left an impression. Check out the video above for a teaser into what Normando can do!

Meet the close-up magician in Dubai!

Name: Normando the Magician!

Instagram handle: @normandothemagician

Job: Full-time magician in Dubai

Fun fact: Normando had to have surgery on a nerve in his wrist as a result of constantly doing card tricks!

Inspiration for magic tricks: His favourite magician is David Blaine

Craziest magic trick: Normando is currently working on a trick where he can make people temporarily forget how to read. We can’t wait to see this in action!

If you want to see Normando in action: Normando spends his time going to malls and Dubai neighbourhoods to perform magic tricks for people. Keep an eye on his Instagram to see where he’ll be next.

insydo verdict: “Mind-blown!”

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